How equipment is really costing you

Equipment that is used to carry goods, such as pallets, is transferred from one account to another as it moves through the supply chain.

Companies like CHEP & Loscam own the equipment and charge a hire fee.

You continue to be charged that hire fee until it is transferred off of your account. If the equipment is lost while in your possession you will have to pay compensation.

If the equipment has physically moved on but does not show up on the paperwork of the next account, it is considered to still be in your possession. And, that’s right, you continue to pay.

“A pallet doesn’t have to be physically lost to be wasting you money.”

Can you account for the equipment you’re paying for?

We take a birds eye view

Unfortunately, losses are common. Losses which can become very costly, very quickly, running into tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dollars straight off your bottom line. Dollars that you may not even realise are missing.

We take a step back so we can analyse your logistics process for weak links, leaving no stone unturned.

Data Management

We’ll handle your admin

Account Management

We’ll liaise with suppliers on your behalf

Repair and Recovery Services

We’ll fix any problems and we’ll find your money

We take care of the entire process for you

Following our review of your process, we generate controlling documents and an equipment management guide.

We oversee tasks and key timelines to ensure that all equipment movements are captured.

We help streamline the equipment tracking process, removing non-core equipment tasks from your operational and administration teams while also reducing the risk of equipment loss.

We take care of the reconciliation of the suppliers’ invoices, the importing and exporting of data and any required investigations and actions to resolve imported movements.

We provide reports and communicate with you on a regular basis to ensure that issues are dealt with before they become major problems.


Specialist software

Here at INLINE Tracking, we use the latest, most innovative pallet tracking and reporting software – 2ic. This allows us to streamline the pallet-tracking process and detect trends before minor issues become major problems.

Read more about 2ic Software

The benefits for you

A tailored solution

to fit within your unique operation. No one-size-fits-all


Reduce the risk of losing equipment

recording transactions accurately and reconciling pallet company invoices 


Reduce paperwork and invoicing

declutter your internal processes

Know exactly where you stand

you don’t have to take the pallet company’s word for it

Reduce your workload

save time so you can focus on your core business

Reduce the burden on internal staff

let them work on more important things, like growing your business

Have a reliable, permanent back up

we never go on leave or move on to other jobs

Save money

Straight off your bottom line